‘Big’ The Musical

 I have been visiting the Theatre Royal Plymouth ever since I was younger with each visit quickly becoming a favourite, which meant that I was unbelievably excited to hear about the launch of the TRP Bloggers scheme. Theatre creates endless possibilities both on and off stage and from experience I Know that the Theatre Royal Plymouth strives to create these moments, something which I admire and have always wanted to be a part of, so being invited to the TRP Bloggers launch made this visit even more special and definitely one to remember.

As part of the launch we were invited to watch ‘Big the Musical’. Arriving at the Theatre for 6:00PM we were able to meet everyone taking part and introduce ourselves before the show started. It was so lovely getting to know everyone and being able to share the entire experience made the evening even better.

A little later we met with Becca who had kindly arranged the evening’s events which had a few surprises along the way. We were all greeted at Stagedoor before Becca surprised us by taking us backstage which was very surreal and definitely a highlight.It was incredible to see everything that happens behind the scenes, there was so much to take in and seeing bits and pieces that were all included in the show made it even more exciting as we looked out for them once the performance started.

During the rehearsal we were given the chance to meet Gary Wilmot (George MacMillan) which was a very memorable moment. Standing in the middle of the stage I really enjoyed getting to learn more about all the hard-work that goes into creating the performance, whilst hearing about some of casts favourite moments from working on the production and throughout the show.

Before we knew it, it was time to take our seats. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire performance. Based on the iconic 1988 movie starring Tom Hanks, ‘Big the Musical’ presents the story of Josh Baskin, a twelve year old Boy whose wish to be ‘Big’ takes him on the adventure of a lifetime. A truly timeless production ‘Big’ perfectly captured the fun, light-hearted Josh Baskin as both Jacob Smith (Young Josh) and Jay McGuinness (Older Josh) wonderfully presented the character, whilst Josh’s humorous Best friend Billy Kopecki was brilliantly played by Charlie Barnard creating an amazing dynamic. Jessica Martin beautifully presented the character of Mrs Baskin leading to some truly heart-warming moments such as ‘Stop Time’ as Diana Vickers shone as Susan Lawrence  throughout the duet ‘Stars’ and Gary Wilmot gave a fantastic performance as George MacMillan with the famous Piano scene. The entire cast were phenomenal. Filled with mesmerising musical moments and stunning choreography the show really perfected the theme, adding to the era of the 80’s.

Exceedingly captivating the show’s staging saw a revolving stage making transitions effortless whilst parts of the set were made smaller highlighting the transformation of Josh’s character. Wonderfully heart-warming this show was absolutely amazing. Filled with a whole bunch of laughter this production really is ‘For the Big Kid in all of us’.








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