Spitz & Co’s ‘Gloria in the Mist’

I recently had the opportunity to attend a performance of Spitz & Co’s ‘Gloria in the Mist’ at The Drum Theatre. Having never actually visited The Drum before I could not wait to see how the space could be designed to fit a performance. Whilst the seats are designed to move depending on the production; making each one unique the lighting overhead is such an incredible and notable feature. Although slightly smaller in comparison to The Lyric the entire space creates the idea that you are part of the performance; something which Spitz & Co perfected throughout the evening.

Spitz & Co return to The Drum with ‘Gloria in the Mist’ following on from their award-winning production titled ‘Gloriator’. This sees the return of the dynamic comedy duo Gloria Delaneuf and her “enthusiastic tour manager” Josephine brilliantly played by Pauline Morel and Susie Donkin. Prior to the show we were given the amazing opportunity to meet both Susie and Pauline who had kindly offered to show us around giving us the chance to see little pieces of the performance beforehand in the form of props, costume and sections of the set without giving too much away which was a memorable moment from the evening.

After a tour of The Drum we were able to see the preparation that happens in the build up to the production. From rehearsals, to staging it was interesting to see what happens moments before the performance. Screens were constructed on either side of the stage whilst greenery was cleverly placed to depict the Jungle; props were positioned in various places around the space which saw potted plants, wigs, a tent, a helicopter and snow fill the stage. Having not known what to expect the props gave us subtle hints as to the shows storyline.

The entirety of the show was outstanding and seeing all of the pieces of the set we had been introduced to earlier come together only made it that more exciting.Exceeding all expectations, the interactive style of the production was truly amazing and being able to be involved with the company brought the performance off of the stage resulting in some very comical moments of improvisation with members of the audience.












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