‘Danza Contemporánea de Cuba’


We were recently invited along to attend a Q&A Session with the cast of Dance Consortium’s ‘Danza Contemporánea de Cuba’ through the blogger scheme at the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

The Internationally acclaimed Contemporary Dance Company is world renowned for their exclusive blend of ‘African American Rhythm’s, Jazzy American Modernism and inflections from the European Ballet’ so with this being the company’s third visit to the UK it was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the 2017 Tour first-hand from three of Dance Consortium’s performers Claudia H Rodriguez Pozo, Norge Cedeño Raffo and Laura Ríos Curbelo who kindly gave us an insight into what it’s like to be a dancer on tour.

‘What is your favourite thing about being a performer?’

This was definitely a favourite question as it was very personal to each performer. It was incredible to hear about the importance of individuality and how a dancer finds the balance between what they as an artist want to express and what the choreographer wants to present throughout each of the three pieces.

It was amazing to hear the excitement and passion in everyone’s voices about their profession, which definitely shone throughout the entire performance. As a performer every show is a chance to improve, to make the next just as great or even better than the first.

‘Everything is bigger and better when you’re on the stage’

‘As dancers how do you prepare for a performance and how does that change on tour?’

This definitely depends on the individual as you don’t only have to prepare physically through training and rehearsal but psychologically. Each dance involves different characters, as a dancer you have to adjust the persona you are presenting whilst on stage Living a variety of different lives in one night’.

‘What was the inspiration behind these three pieces?’

Each piece truly captured the choreographers ideas, translating them through movement the Company’s Director Miguel Á Iglesias said, ‘Dance is not obvious, it’s suggestive’ Something that applied to all three pieces; Reversible, The Listening Room and Matria Etnocentra.

‘Reversible’ was the first out of the three pieces, followed by ‘The Listening Room’ before the company finished with ‘Matria Etnocentra’.

With Choreography by Annabelle López Ochoa ‘Reversible’ focuses on gender matters and relationships, presenting the idea that there isn’t a difference between men and women as we’re all simply people.

‘The listening Room’ choreographed by Theo Clinkard described as ‘a celebration of expression and instinctive dancing’ was truly stunning highlighting the relationship between the performers and the audience. Vibrant and energetic those dancing in headphones listened to an alternate soundtrack to the audience allowing us to use our imagination and focus on the movement.

‘Matria Etnocentra’ the shows final piece choreographed by the company’s resident choreographer and dancer George Céspedes perfectly presented the Cuban culture.  Visually stunning the controlled choreography saw twenty-three dancers moving in harmony to ‘drill like rhythm’.

Being able to meet with the performers prior to the show only added to the day which I enjoyed from start to finish. It was amazing to not only understand more about the routines but the people behind them which made it even more special.Expressive, the powerful routines were vibrant being a celebration of the ‘Cuban identity’ which was captured in every dance.






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