‘The Here and This and Now’

Glenn Waldron’s ‘The Here and This and Now’ presents a re-imagined look at life’s moments. Whether we consider them to be big or small, this production brilliantly explores the idea of taking any moment and making it a ‘defining one’, the idea of happiness and the choices we make each and every day.

Directed by the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Artistic Director Simon Stokes, ‘The Here and This and Now’ powerfully presents a satirical but moving production. Performed in The Drum, the simple staging and minimalist set; designed by Bob Bailey, drew our attention to the ensemble through its bright and open colour scheme. With the space being slightly smaller, The Drum setting also added to the production as the audience were able to interact with the cast at certain moments throughout the duration of the show.

Opening with a monologue, Simon Darwen (Niall) focused on the importance of a moment whilst pitching a sale, immediately addressing the audience and introducing us to the performance in addition to its characters. Focusing on the present, the first act saw the cast as colleagues comically discussing the corporate ideas of happiness through team building exercises, games and lunch breaks which added an enjoyable and relatable element to the production.

Unpredictable and surprising the performance raises the question of ‘what if’. Jessica Clark (Gemma) and Andy Rush (Robbie) debated how we often overlook the ‘incredible’ moments without realising; always looking too what’s next so that we don’t fully take in what’s happening in the here and now and whether this can make us truly happy, which definitely left us thinking.

The second half of the performance took this idea even further. Forwarding to the near future, Becci Gemmell (Helen) gave a poignant performance alongside Simon Darwen (Niall). Both moving and shocking; in contrast to the first, the second act presented how the events of the world impact us as an individual and how far we’re willing to go to change that.

Ending with a look into the distant future, the performance left us thinking about the choices we make every day, the moments that we often overlook and the chance we have to change it. ‘The Here and This and Now’ is a captivating production filled with bold and dynamic characters, difficult choices and both satirical and touching moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would definitely recommend. Intriguing, I was truly on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and couldn’t help but think a little more about ‘The Here and this and Now’.








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